Hey there! We're Est. Loyalty

Our dog obsession is a way of life, along with our sense of style and humor. We are a team of entrepreneurs dedicated to delivering top quality products to those who are just as obsessed with their dogs as we are.

A little bit about who we are...


Simple style? Nothing simple about it. Details thought out so you can relax and enjoy the day.


Ready hanging on the hook by the door


Grab your bag, your best friend and get ready for an adventure!


We are individualistic and collective: we are proud dog owners. Be the best friend you can to each and every dog.

Our Mantras

From one dog mother to another...

I love my dog, I love fashion. However, if you saw me frantically outside looking for a waste bag at 6 a.m. with shoes barely on my feet you could tell the two passions just weren’t mixing. I felt the self-inflicted shame of being a bad dog mom. We would be strolling a farmer’s market on a lazy Saturday when I realized the only way to share water with my furry son was to cup my hand and wipe the excess water on my pants. This was not me, but then…the things we do for love.

Est. Loyalty was founded with one goal in mind: to bring fashion and function together for dog owners. I was determined that my bags be created by experienced craftsmen who take pride in their work.

My designs are made for the urban woman on the move. She is cosmopolitan and fashion conscience but puts her dog first. My inspiration comes from the necessities of urban living with design influences from my travel destinations. The inception of Est. Loyalty occurred four years ago while I was sitting at my fire pit, looking onto the ocean, at the Ritz Carlton in Half Moon Bay, California. Thus the line is a mix of relaxing lines from ocean influences and industrial metal from the strength of urban life.

With Est. Loyalty products I now feel like a dog mom that has it together and just doesn’t take unconditional love and loyalty without giving it back in return.

Jessica Gize
CEO, Founder at Est. Loyalty