Luxury Bags & Accessories for Dog Owners
Bags for walking, adventures, travel & glamour.
Made in NYC

Why the name Est. Loyalty?

A place of monumental dedication to the dogs in our lives for their faithfulness.  I wanted a name that expressed the depth of emotion and caring that goes with these lives we share. Nothing cute, nothing simple. I used to see the word Est. for Established when I traveled through Europe as a little girl and understood it’s presence. It would be carved in stone and as I would run my fingers across it I realized it was something to be honored and respected.

Made in NYC with Quality Materials

We incorporate premium fashionable material with craftsmanship that is used by some of the world's highest fashion design houses.

Each item is designed in NYC with the heartbeat of the garment district by it's side. The Garment District has been known since the early 20th century as the center for Fashion Design and Manufacturing in the United States, and even the world.

Who Are We?

Est. loyalty is a fashion brand inspired by the love I have for my dog and the love I see so many others have.  For these dogs, these companions, these souls with unconditional love and loyalty they deserve so much in return. 

And cupping my hand saying “drink quickly” as I roamed a farmer’s market on a hot sunny day, well, it didn’t feel like I was giving that attention in return. So off I was to use my background, knowledge and love to share love.


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